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Mobile Device Recycling

We recycle everything that is powered by electricity!

Mobile phones and tablet recycling is growing at a rapid rate.

We now recycle in excess of 500 mobile devices a month and is still growing. We put this down to the popularity of business mobile phone use, but also to our ability to securely wipe the data from the devices.

Mobile Phone and Tablet Recycling

As with all data bearing devices it is essential data is completely eradicated and recorded as sanitised.

SSD (Solid State Drive) is the device that stores all your data on a mobile phone or tablet. Unlike a traditional hard disk drive, data is stored in chips rather than written in tracks on a spinning platter.

SSD erasure isn't as straight forward as conventional hard drive erasure. A factory reset and standard erasure techniques won't ensure all data is cleared.

Oden utilise Blancco Data Erasure, one of very few DIPCOG certified products for SSD erasure.

Mobile phone disposal often delivers a financial return for clients.

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Data destruction is really important for all businesses and organisations.

A breach of data can be catastrophic. Oden Services UK Ltd offer the following services:


Our services is backed up with certificates, asset lists and a robust chain of custody.