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Server Recycling

We recycle everything that is powered by electricity!

Server Recycling

Secure server recycling has to be taken seriously. Mission critial data is often held on servers along with an array of personal data, meaning data erasure, or even on site data destruction is undertaken by a vetted IT asset disposal company.

More Than Just Servers

From a stand alone server to an entire data centre, our team will collect causing minimal disruption.

Data destruction can be carried out on site, in front of clients to ensure your data is securely destroyed.

Equally we can complete NCSC certified data erasure.

Oden are the trusted partner for many financial institutions. We decommission servers and hard disk arrays both situated in data centres or on their own premises.

It is a regular occurrence when recycling servers to discover archived tape media. All tapes are securely shredded in our WEEE shredder.

Computer Recycling

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Our services

Data destruction is really important for all businesses and organisations.

A breach of data can be catastrophic. Oden Services UK Ltd offer the following services:


Our services is backed up with certificates, asset lists and a robust chain of custody.