Data Security

With the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) levying fines of 4% of an organisations turnover for data breaches it's imperative the process for disposal is bulletproof.

Oden provides a cast iron solution from establishing a secure chain of custody, tracked transportation, secure off-loading into our secure quarantine cage through to final certified data erasure or on-site/off-site physical data destruction.

Our own shredders, punches and data erasure makes sure data is completely eleminated, ensuring our clients are complying with GDPR regulations.

Data Erasure and Destruction

IT recycling should be carried out under strict, physical control of all data carrying devices. There are three recognised processes to achieve data security.

  • Certified Data Erasure
  • Hard Disk Drive Destruction and Tape Destruction
  • Degaussing

At Oden, we believe certified data erasure and physical destruction are the only two methods to ensure data is permanently eradicated. Certified data erasure carries out a verification pass after wiping to prove erasure has been successful. Physical destruction tears through the hard drives spindle, platters, casing and logic board rendering all parts of the hard drive completely inoperable.

Whilst degaussing destroys magnetic fields the data is not certified as wiped, therefore leaving uncertainty to data security.

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Oden's solutions for secure data destruction.

Don't settle for an unsecured, unreliable method of deleting your data! Do not rely on simple file deletion, quick formatting or re-formatting through operating systems such as Windows. These methods do not delete the file on the drive and can be reversed later with the right tool, therefore, putting your company data at risk. Low-level formatting can securely wipe data however the effectiveness could still depend on the operating system used to carry out the action and so, it is important you do not rely on this.

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7 security gaps you may have missed

Without secure and comprehensive reporting, you remain potentially liable for data breaches. To properly protect your organization you need certified, auditable reports. Physically destroying drives is particularly weak when it comes to reporting.

Disposing of computer hardware in your corporate headquarters is relatively simple. However, when dealing with remote locations you lose much of your control. Remote locations may not have a dedicated IT staff or the tools to wipe your hardware onsite.

Internal risk occurs if your chain of custody process is either inherently flawed or not enforced diligently. For example, not collecting hardware promptly, having a high touch count, leaving computer in unsecured locations with unmonitored access can all increase your risk.

Many organizations don’t realize that when using a third-party provider for data destruction their secure data and hardware is being handled in many cases by transient or temporary employees.

Encryption technologies are constantly improving, but so are tools used to break encryption. Deleting the encryption key may make accessing the data difficult, but the data is still on the drive and presents a risk in the long term.

Organizations lacking a data security policy and the processes within the data security policy open themselves up to security gaps. If processes are left to the technician to develop and follow, they may not fully cover the gaps in your data protection policy.

An important part of any data security policy is to have a 3rd party audit your procedures for processing decommissioned computers and drives. Audits usually reveal many insightful results and can serve as an effective way to upgrade your policies or ensure they are followed.

What Our Customers Say

The guys at Oden removed the stress we had. Disposing of our electronic items was an environmental and data protection mine field. They visited our site, carried out an audit and collected the same week. Every detail is on the portal for us. Great company to deal with.
Quick clean service carried out by professional company. Lovely collection staff.
We selected the collection box option, boxes are always collected swiftly and replaced. Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes are always signed and uploaded to the portal. We experienced many problems with WEEE companies; our ISO EMS means that all records are in place. Prior to using Oden we always had to ask companies for copies that they rarely had. We now log onto the portal and download all data and reports. Thank you
Next day collection, all paperwork supplied. Perfect.
Mobile destruction unit came to our site, the operator made a list of drives, drives were destroyed and taken away. Very satisfying to watch our drives being destroyed.
Booking was easy and collection was carried out in a timely manner. Data erasure certificates were very detailed.
Oden are a local company and have provided IT disposal services for us for 10 years, can't recommend enough.

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