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What To Consider

At Oden Services UK Ltd we take data sanitisation very seriously.

What to Consider

Does the computer disposal company that you are using:

Offer fully certified data erasure/data destruction?

Total data erasure (also known as secure data destruction) is a way of preventing an unwelcome party from recovering sensitive data that has supposedly been deleted from a hard disk drive, or other storage device.

Large volumes of confidential data such as private business files, credit card numbers, bank details, medical history and classified information are often stored on computer hard drives or servers.

At Oden Services UK Ltd we take data sanitisation very seriously. Every device that goes through our facility is audited for data purposes. You can be rest assured that every member of our team understands the importance of our internal systems

Have the correct Environmental Accreditations such as ISO14001 or ATF?

IT asset disposal companies must hold legal certification required for a company to carry out a compliant IT recycling service. A T11 exemption is the minimum requirement for a company to handle and process WEEE, an accomplished company will be certified as an ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) is the highest tier of WEEE recycling and allows treatment of waste electrical and electronic wastes. Treatment can include de-pollution, disassembly, shredding, recovery or preparation for disposal.This ensures the recycling company is environmentally compliant.

Many IT producers such as Dell and HP rely on ATF's to provide compliant recycling to fulfil their obligations of downstream product. 

ISO14001 whilst not essential proves the company has an audited Environmental Management System in place

Provide a secure portal?

Again, whilst not a legal requirement, a portal containing previous collection details, asset lists, environmental compliance and data erasure / destruction certificates can prove invaluable. In the event you find yourself in the position of a data breach or environmental enforcement action you can provide all relevant information to provide you have displayed correct due diligence.

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Data destruction is really important for all businesses and organisations.

A breach of data can be catastrophic. Oden Services UK Ltd offer the following services:


Our services is backed up with certificates, asset lists and a robust chain of custody.