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Sensitive Product Destruction

When it becomes clear the quality defects in your products have rendered them unsellable, they need to be destroyed beyond repair.

Disposing of faulty products means secure destruction, you need to ensure these defective products don't re-enter the supply chain.

Secure Sensitive and Defective Product Destruction

Have you ever thought what happens to your defective products?

Huge grey market for returned / repaired products in the UK and abroad.

Blind trust in your recycling partner not to reuse products.

When it becomes clear the quality defects in your products have rendered them unsellable, they need to be destroyed beyond repair. Disposing of faulty products means secure destruction, you need to ensure these defective products don’t re-enter the supply chain.

On-line selling platforms pose a high risk of returns, controlled or defective items being introduced to the grey market. Often vendors selling these defective items are unaware of the reasons why the manufacturer has rejected the stock. Branded products are easily sold at a reduced price with the assumption of quality associated with the brand. These lower priced items can cause disruption to your market, fulfilling demand and driving competition to, what appear to be like for like products.

Further down the line when the inevitable quality issues arise, probably for the reason the product was initially rejected, consumers will then revert to your company for remedy. Returns will be inevitable, very frustrating when you didn’t sell the item. Hopefully you can refund or replace the faulty product, however a product safety issue could lead to user injury or even death.

Brand reputation will deteriorate when substandard product enters the market through spurious channels.

IP Protection can be overlooked, a leaked prototype, trialled product or development idea can be replicated and made first to market if mock-ups and pre manufacture items not destroyed. Sensitive items and data destruction are necessary to ensure IP protection.

Typically sub standard material arises from:

  • Returned items
  • Product recalls
  • Manufacturer defect product runs
  • Seized goods
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Damaged stock
  • Products with incorrect labelling
  • Out of date products
  • Obsolete products
  • Data bearing devices
  • Engineering prototypes

Certified destruction.

All sensitive product destruction takes place at our secure site and once complete is accompanied by a certificate of destruction to ensure products have been destroyed. Videos of your product being shredded can be arranged prior to destruction.

Secure transport.

A Chain of custody must be established prior to collection. Ideally, we would require an asset of defective products before collection, this can be an asset list or inventory. Reconciliation of asset can be ordered prior to loading, as can pre shred reconciliation. Although asset lists are preferred, we recognise that this isn’t possible for all products or organisations. All our vehicles are solid sided and are satellite tracked. We operate fully traceable logistics back to our secure facility and we are a registered waste carrier. However, some clients prefer to provide their own transport which on arrival all paperwork is signed and counter signed.

Destruction process.

  • On arrival the non-compliant products are booked into our secure site inside the building.
  • Packaging is removed and recycled.
  • Hazardous items such as batteries, backlights, and liquids are removed by hand. These items are sent to vetted downstream vendors for recovery.
  • Defective products are then fed into Tasha, our cross flow shredder, where items are pulverised into small fragments ensuring the non compliant item is unrecognisable. Materials are broken into pieces to safeguard against reuse of parts.

Materials arising from the process.

  • Critical raw materials such as steel, copper, aluminium, PGM minerals and Lithium are sent on to refiner to be smelted for new production.
  • Plastics sent to POP’s (Persistent Organic Pollutants) facility for destruction.
  • Hazardous materials such as batteries are sorted by type and sent to recovery facilities.
  • 0% to landfill

At Oden we are proud to work with our portfolio of clients that trust us to securely dispose of sensitive materials.

Below is a list of industry types that we currently service.

  • Police Forces.
  • Companies providing MOD contracts.
  • Marine industry.
  • Automotive manufacturers.
  • Local Councils.
  • Fin Tech companies.
  • Toy and Decorations industry.
  • R&D firm.
  • Regional utilities company.

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