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Computer Recycling

We recycle everything that is powered by electricity!

Computer Recycling

Computer recycling is where we cut our teeth back in 2007. Our unique process generates a maximum return and reuse rates.

When a company has a computer disposal requirement we make the PC collection convenient. Our unrivalled, best in class, refurbishment programme means we can often offset data erasure costs, and in many cases create a financial return for our clients.

Data Erasure and Refurbishment

All recycled computers go through our secure data erasure process and refurbished to the highest level by our team of qualified technicians and re-marketed, in bulk to retailers.

It is inevitable that a small proportion of retired computers are either beyond economic repair or are simply too old. These are harvested for good spare parts and then separated into their respective waste streams for further recovery.

We accept that clients don't only have computers to recycle. A collection will normally consist of laptops, monitors, printers, phones, servers and a mix of electronic waste. All of which can be collected and processed by Oden.

Computer Recycling

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Data destruction is really important for all businesses and organisations.

A breach of data can be catastrophic. Oden Services UK Ltd offer the following services:


Our services is backed up with certificates, asset lists and a robust chain of custody.