Computer Recycling for Corporations, Education and Business.

Computer recycling is where we cut our teeth back in 2007. Our unique process generates a maximum return and reuse rates.

Oden excels in data security and asset disposal whilst concentrating on maximising revenue from recycled computers and IT Assets.

Our approach often allows us to offer a completely free of charge computer recycling service based on age and volume of equipment. Rebates are often made to clients that have large volumes of PC’s, laptops, servers and monitors in their computer recycling process.

When a company has a computer disposal requirement we make the IT collection convenient. Our unrivalled, best in class, refurbishment programme means we can often offset data erasure costs, and in many cases create a financial return for our clients.

Many clients use our on-site HDD destruction services along with our NSCS certified data erasure services for all data bearing devices contained in computer recycling assets.

Oden are an Environment Agency ATF, Upper Tier Waste Carrier, ISO 14001 and utilise Nation Cyber Security Centre authorised erasure tools.

Recycling Enquiry

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Laptop recycling can provide the best yields for clients.

Laptop disposal is a complex process, however, our laptop refurbishment programme achieves the highest return available in the ITAD market.

After data erasure, our experienced team of technicians will set about refurbishing the recycled laptops. We generate the best returns for our clients by re-marketing refurbished product to our network of retailers.

Data erasure offset is often achieved with laptop disposal due to our market leading retirement process.

We are experts at releasing value in the laptop stream.

Mobile phones and tablet recycling is growing at a rapid rate.

We now recycle in excess of 500 mobile devices a month and is still growing. We put this down to the popularity of business mobile phone use, but also to our ability to securely wipe the data from the devices.

As with all data bearing devices it is essential data is completely eradicated and recorded as sanitised.

SSD (Solid State Drive) is the device that stores all your data on a mobile phone or tablet. Unlike a traditional hard disk drive, data is stored in chips rather than written in tracks on a spinning platter.

SSD erasure isn't as straight forward as conventional hard drive erasure. A factory reset and standard erasure techniques won't ensure all data is cleared.

Oden utilise Blancco Data Erasure, one of very few DIPCOG certified products for SSD erasure.

Mobile phone disposal often delivers a financial return for clients.

Send us your list today for a valuation.

Monitor Recycling

Computer monitor recycling seen significant change over the last five years.

Originally the majority was the CRT type monitors, these are extremely hazardous due to the leaded glass content.

A few years later and monitor disposal has seen a significant change. LCD TFT monitors are being recycled, and not in the traditional sense. They are being reused. As with all recycled IT equipment, condition plays a huge part in resale value.

Our TFT monitor recycling process utilises our clean room and repolarization technology. We are able to refurbish to the highest of levels, releasing maximum intrinsic value and saving from the waste stream.

Although some old TFT monitors are hazardous due to a small amount of mercury vapour found in them.

Server Recycling

Secure server recycling has to be taken seriously. Mission critial data is often held on servers along with an array of personal data, meaning data erasure, or even on site data destruction is undertaken by a vetted IT asset disposal company.

From a stand alone server to an entire data centre, our team will collect causing minimal disruption.

Data destruction can be carried out on site, in front of clients to ensure your data is securely destroyed.

Equally we can complete NCSC certified data erasure.

Oden are the trusted partner for many financial institutions. We decommission servers and hard disk arrays both situated in data centres or on their own premises.

It is a regular occurrence when recycling servers to discover archived tape media. All tapes are securely shredded in our WEEE shredder.


  1. Contact us with what equipment you have for recycling. This can be via our web contact form, email or phone.
  2. Once we have an idea of the equipment we will let you know the options detailing any services you wish to use.
  3. We will arrange a suitable date and time for your collection.
  4. Our own staff will collect your equipment in our own satellite tracked vehicles. Waste transfer notes and GDPR agreement will be signed and left with you.
  5. On arrival to our site we will begin the secure process, this will depend on the level of service you choose.
  6. Once processed you will be given a secure log in to our client portal. Here you will be able to view and download environmental paperwork, asset lists, data erasure certificates and physical destruction certificates depending on the level of services you require.

Data Erasure and Refurbishment

All recycled computers go through our secure data erasure process and refurbished to the highest level by our team of qualified technicians and re-marketed, in bulk to retailers.

It is inevitable that a small proportion of retired computers are either beyond economic repair or are simply too old. These are harvested for good spare parts and then separated into their respective waste streams for further recovery.

We accept that clients don't only have computers to recycle. A collection will normally consist of laptops, monitors, printers, phones, servers and a mix of electronic waste. All of which can be collected and processed by Oden.

Having been involved in the IT reuse industry for over 20 years we have seen plenty of companies that provide a non compliant service. These companies leave clients liable to Environmental and ICO prosecution. It is important to be aware of the trickery some companies use when offering free services and a great sounding re-marketing scheme.

WEEE directive and GDPR regulations

The WEEE directive and GDPR regulations are perplexing legislation to navigate. When in the process of selecting a trusted ITAD partner, ask the following questions to avoid a non compliant company.

As a minimum the computer recycling company should be a T11 certified site. An ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) is desirable.

It is a legal requirement for the company transporting your retired IT assets to hold a Waste Carriers Licence.

There are unscrupulous companies and individuals that won't provide this essential documentation on collection. Tip; watch out for the line "We will send this to once the waste has been processed". This is not compliant!

It has been reported that one of the largest IT recycling companies subs out collections to 3rd party individuals with a van. This can be particularly risky as the vehicles are not tracked and open to drivers dropping equipment off, before returning to the facility.

Always ask for this as it shows a level of commitment for the computer disposal company.

Again not a legal requirement but is an indicator to the ITAD company's professionalism.

Along with onsite and offsite data destruction is essential.
With ICO fines, data breach, bad publicity, identity theft and the booming black market for data, the ITAD partner must demonstrate a robust chain of custody and strong physical control over data bearing devices.

Ideally asset lists should be produced by the client, this forms step one of the chain of custody. However we understand that this can be a long, cumbersome task and not all clients have the time or resources to complete a list. Therefore it is important the chosen IT asset disposal company can complete this on the client's behalf.

Enticements to look out for

As with everything in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Look out for remarketing schemes that state you will receive a return once the items have been processes and sold. More often the processing costs will outweigh the returns, leaving the clients with a bill.

The classic excuses post collections are:

  • We incurred high processing costs
  • Hidden Data Erasure costs
  • Material collected was faulty and required expensive repair
  • Hazardous material treatment costs
  • Asset lists were not included

Established IT Recycling Company should be able to make an upfront offer on your equipment if it genuinely retains an intrinsic value.

What Our Customers Say

The guys at Oden removed the stress we had. Disposing of our electronic items was an environmental and data protection mine field. They visited our site, carried out an audit and collected the same week. Every detail is on the portal for us. Great company to deal with.
Quick clean service carried out by professional company. Lovely collection staff.
We selected the collection box option, boxes are always collected swiftly and replaced. Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes are always signed and uploaded to the portal. We experienced many problems with WEEE companies; our ISO EMS means that all records are in place. Prior to using Oden we always had to ask companies for copies that they rarely had. We now log onto the portal and download all data and reports. Thank you
Next day collection, all paperwork supplied. Perfect.
Mobile destruction unit came to our site, the operator made a list of drives, drives were destroyed and taken away. Very satisfying to watch our drives being destroyed.
Booking was easy and collection was carried out in a timely manner. Data erasure certificates were very detailed.
Oden are a local company and have provided IT disposal services for us for 10 years, can't recommend enough.

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