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WEEE Recycling

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WEEE Recycling

Although we started out as an IT assets recycling and disposal company our clients kept requesting we remove all of their WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Over the past 4 years we have developed a sound process to deal with every aspect of WEEE collection, treatment and disposal.

In fact we can deal with all 14 categories of WEEE including the hazardous waste categories.

Category Description
1Large household appliances (fridges, microwaves, washing machines etc.)
2Small household appliances (toasters, hair driers, alarm clocks etc.)
3IT and telecommunications equipment (PC's, tablets, laptops, servers etc.)
4Consumer equipment (cameras, stereo units, DVD players etc.)
5Lighting equipment (fluorescent tubes, fittings etc.)
6Electrical and electronic tools (drills, strimmers, dust extractors etc.)
7Toys, leisure and sports equipment (exercise equipment, X-Boxes, e-scooters etc.)
8Medical devices (Defibrillators, glucose monitors, MRI machines etc.)
9Monitoring and control instruments (calibration devices, smoke detectors etc.)
10Automatic dispensers (cash machines, vending machines, hand dryers etc.)
11Display screens (Televisions, computer screens CRT and TFT etc.)
12Cooling appliances (fans, blowers etc.)
13Gas discharge lamps and LED light sources
14Photovoltaic panels (Solar panels)

All WEEE is either treated by us in our registered ATF site, or is sent to one of our vetted downstream treatment facilities. All vetting is recorded and is part of our ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

Our aim is to provide a solution for all clients.

We can simply collect the loose waste, send pallet boxes, roll cages or if it is already palletised we can collect.

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