Generate immediate revenue.

Financial Returns

For your organisation or chosen charity.

Full NCSC certificated data erasure.

Hassle free logistics.

Guaranteed to beat all like for like offers.

It is our belief that an offer for you used IT equipment is made before collection.

This payment can be made directly to the client or to their chosen charity on their behalf.

Computer recycling performed correctly will produce a higher return on later assets, so don't delay send us your inventory today!

Sell your
IT Equipment

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How it works

Oden engineers are trained to maximise value through our unique (RtR) Return through Refurbishment process which allows us to generate a greater value through recycling, thus returning more value to our clients. As part of our RTR process data security is foremost, we have many offerings to provide NCSC certified data erasure and complete hard drive physical destruction. We can now offer onsite hard disk destruction with our new, state of the art Hard Disk Punch.

Our Approach

Transparency is the key to building trust; this is reflected in our Up Front offer approach. We don't agree with the current trend of offering a remarketing scheme. On the face of it this looks like a good deal, but because the recycling company remove their processing and collection costs it more often ends in a cost neutral situation.

If we are given a list of equipment, or can view it, and it still holds value we will make an offer. Please see below for a non exhaustive list of items we can make an offer on.

  • PCs, Computers
  • Laptops
  • TFT Monitors
  • Servers
  • iPads, Phones and mobile devices
  • Components
  • Non-IT related Assets

Reverse Logistics

Oden specialise in releasing maximum RV (Residual Value), for a diverse range of industry categories.

  • Lease companies. An upfront offer is always given. We employ full asset management reporting encompassing Collection, Listing, Asset tag removal, Testing, and Certified data erasure certificates.
  • Manufactures and Distributors. Slow moving products, distressed inventory or failed QC can contribute to financial losses. Oden can often mitigate these losses by returning value, providing logistics and warehousing whilst taking on warrantees.
  • Retailers. Returns contribute to huge losses in the retail market. Not only in terms of lost revenue but also to business space and personnel time. We will collect, rework and resell avoiding brand conflict with your routes to markets.

Talk to us to see how we can provide a solution for all you reverse logistics tasks.