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Secure Transport

All of our fleet is tracked by Teletrac

Our fleet is of solid sided type and sign written for recognition purposes. We have vehicles to suit all situations from tail lift Luton's to extra long wheel base Movanos.

Secure Transport

All collections are satisfied by a minimum of 2 members of Oden staff. Our policies don't allow for clients to be involved with the physical activities associated with collecting IT assets and WEEE.

We only provide Oden members of staff which will be identified by photo ID, driver and attending staff details will be provided prior to collection. We can collect from any site or location within that site.

We have the capability to collect from basements to top floors and pride ourselves on causing minimal disruption. Thanks to our infrastructure collections from small storage cupboards through to large data centres can be catered for.

We utilise our own audited lifting gear and trolleys to suit every eventuality. All manner of IT equipment is collected, it can be stored loose, palletised or in cages.

We can provide onsite receptacles if required, this helps maintain equipment quality, satisfy HSE and aid a swift removal.

All of our fleet is satellite tracked by Teletrac. We have a complete, real time view of their locations, engine start and stop, speed and journey records. We also padlock loading doors shut on collection, which stay locked until their return to our secure sites.

All vehicles are equipped with immobilisers, all our vans are solid sided and not curtain sided. Vehicles are unloaded inside our secure facilities under the cover of CCTV and immediately put into quarantine.

Our site is in a secure, locked compound. Drivers and staff will carry and display photo ID and be in Oden uniform. Prior to collection staff names will be provided along with vehicle description and registration number.

We only use our own vehicles and will not ever send non Oden liveried vehicles to collections. All collections are returned to 1 of our 2 secure facilities same day.

On completion of a risk assessment the highest scoring transport risks were:

1. That the vehicles could be stolen along with the client's material.

We have all vehicles tracked so can alert Police and share its location and direction any road and immobilise.

2. Grab and run, when vehicle is stationary or in traffic.

Padlock loading doors to deter the opportunist whist stationary.

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Data destruction is really important for all businesses and organisations.

A breach of data can be catastrophic. Oden Services UK Ltd offer the following services:


Our services is backed up with certificates, asset lists and a robust chain of custody.