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WEEE Audit

Our report will provide simple steps to implement on your site to give you peace of mind.

WEEE Audit

Environmental compliance that falls under WEEE regulation DIRECTIVE 2012/19/EU is complicated.

It is a rarity to find an organisation that has an employee that solely deals with end of life and waste electronics. The responsibility normally falls to the estates team, FM’s or IT department heads.

To avoid prosecution organisations will normally appoint a company that appears to be professional, some even carry out a site visit and request samples of waste transfer documentation.

However if your end of life equipment was identified in a land fill or illegally exported could you prove due diligence was carried out prior to engagement?

Our audit will help you to identify environmental WEEE risks, best practice, detail positive and negative areas of your WEEE management and recommend areas of non compliance.

Our report will provide simple steps to implement on your site to give you peace of mind.

A piece of electrical equipment is classed as WEEE when the original owner has finished with it. Even if the item is sold as working the Environment Agency still deem it as WEEE.

Many organisations are in breach of the WEEE regulations as they trust their appointed recycling partner and believe it is a compliant service. We carry out audits for a number of organisations, regularly the company has been shown a waste carriers licence which they believe qualifies the company to deal with their end of life electronics. A waste carriers licence can be applied for by anyone, this is not a licence to treat WEEE.

Another misconception is that their WEEE is being treated in the UK by an AAFT. ( Authorised Treatment Facility).

In a recent audit we investigated a recycling partner's downstream vendors, the result was that the companies WEEE was, unknowingly being illegally exported. Once this was highlighted the organisation immediately halted its WEEE stream to that partner. Had this not have been highlighted the CSR ramifications could have been catastrophic.

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