Data Erasure Process

A confidential, individual log of each hard drive is created that captures: date of erasure, number of passes, HDD serial number, HDD capacity, HDD make and model.

This information together with verification of eradication is all further captured on individual data erasure certificates.

All data bearing devices are transported in our solid sided vehicles and are unloaded under CCTV.

These items are audited against asset lists and are sectioned into quarantine in our locked cage. They remain in this secure environment until they are moved into our NCSC data erasure cage were complete erasure is achieved.

Non-functional data bearing devices do still contain data, these are physically destroyed in our high-performing hydraulic hard drive press.

This efficient method effortlessly crushes the hard drive, splits the case, tears platters and destroys the PCB. In turn, rendering the drive completely unserviceable and therefore destroying all data.

Recycling Enquiry

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What Our Customers Say

The guys at Oden removed the stress we had. Disposing of our electronic items was an environmental and data protection mine field. They visited our site, carried out an audit and collected the same week. Every detail is on the portal for us. Great company to deal with.
Quick clean service carried out by professional company. Lovely collection staff.
We selected the collection box option, boxes are always collected swiftly and replaced. Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes are always signed and uploaded to the portal. We experienced many problems with WEEE companies; our ISO EMS means that all records are in place. Prior to using Oden we always had to ask companies for copies that they rarely had. We now log onto the portal and download all data and reports. Thank you
Next day collection, all paperwork supplied. Perfect.
Mobile destruction unit came to our site, the operator made a list of drives, drives were destroyed and taken away. Very satisfying to watch our drives being destroyed.
Booking was easy and collection was carried out in a timely manner. Data erasure certificates were very detailed.
Oden are a local company and have provided IT disposal services for us for 10 years, can't recommend enough.

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