Why staff wont support budgets?

Surprisingly most IT staff don't want to look at a new supplier as they see it as "too much trouble"

They are not the person responsible for balancing budgets!

Finance staff may be shocked to hear this, but when we ask IT teams.

"Does your current provider offer you a financial return?" Some responses are "No, but we are happy with the current situation".

You may ask "Why is a member of staff not interested in saving their organisation money?"

I have put in alot of time trying to find out their reason's, in the majority of cases I don't think it's because they are bad team members. It can be many drivers but the 2 at the top of the list are:

1. It's too much trouble. I'm paid to do a job and saving money isn't in my remit.
2. I could make a wrong decision. Resulting in reprimand or possible job security worries.

Of course there will always be staff members that have their own unique reasons, some for personal gain, but in my findings this is the minority. Most employees just want to work within their own comfort zones, they are happy to follow what has been put in place. Who would blame them, more often support staff are not rewarded for saving money while sales colleagues are patted on the back for bringing in an order!

However what these members of staff neglect to consider is this could be used as a bargaining tool in their next appraisal, or even create job role security. In the current climate organisations are looking for (value add) from everyone. Suppliers and staff alike are constantly being evaluated to make sure they are delivering value for money, if redundancies are on the cards and one employee has saved the organisation money they will be looked upon favourably.

I can only speak with authority on WEEE recycling supplier engagement and as long as the key aspects are investigated, due diligence has been observed.

Firstly, can the supplier provide environmental compliance? Waste carriers license, ATF Authorised Treatment Facility, Waste transfer note, Hazardous waste consignment note, ISO14001, store and provide your compliance in case of environmental audit.

Secondly, what is the approach to data security? Robust chain of custody of data carrying devices, NCSC certified data erasure, Physical data destruction, Tape and media industrial shredding, On site physical data destruction and own staff /tracked vehicles used.

Thirdly, Convenience. Can a collection be collected swiftly and with the confidence the supplier will arrive when they say.

Oden Services UK Ltd provides all of the above, as can a few of our competitors. However many can't and for this reason most IT staff are unwilling to look for a better deal, both financially and compliantly.

In conclusion Finance teams must question their I.T teams and ask, are we getting the best deal?
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Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your retired equipment.